The Wonderful Colours of Autumn…

A walk by the river…

I just love an Autumn sunset!  They tend to be more dramatic than Summer sunsets.  I don’t know why, but in my quest to start noticing things – that’s something I’ve noticed!

One of the great things about nature is it gives you something to look forward to in every season.  I’m really just starting to learn about and experience what each season brings as I try to be more aware of what’s happening around me.   However, even the most unobservant person would notice that autumn is the season of colour.  When the sun is shining and the leaves start to turn golden, walks through trees becomes a fantastically vivid experience.

The pictures below were taken on walk along the River Bure from Coltishal to Hautbois.  This stretch of the river isn’t navigable to powered boats but you do see people in canoes enjoying one of the most peaceful stretches of any river on the Broads.

Colours of Autumn - Bure at Hautbois

Autumn on the Bure at Hautbois

Colours of Autumn: the River Bure near Coltishall

The Colours of Autumn: Golds and blues make for a vivid autumn walk along the River Bure

Colours of Autumn: the River Bure near Coltishall

Brilliant yellow leaves over the river…

Colours of Autumn: the River Bure near Coltishall

The path along the River Bure, near Hautbois, on the way to Coltishal

The Summer of 2016 has been truly wonderful.  We spent so much time on the river and the weather could not have been better.  It’s tempting to be sad that it’s now behind us with the colder, shorter days ahead,  but with Autumn days this good, I think I’ll keep smiling!

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