Winter Waterland… The River Bure at Oxnead

Early in the morning…

Eyes blinking, I twist open the blinds and wait for my pupils to adjust as light streams into the darkened room. Peering through the slats, my brain, still trying to jump-start itself awake, begins to process the visual cues as they come into focus… Our garden sparkles with frost, and beyond, a pale sun is rising through a low level mist into a deep blue sky.

I hastily get dressed.  ‘Do you want to come?‘ I ask Mrs Waterland, hoping that she will.  ‘It will be a nice early walk for Monty and Mabel’  I add.

Where are you thinking of going?‘  she replies with a yawn…

The perfect place for such a wonderful morning…‘ I announce.  ‘… along the River Bure near Oxnead….

The River Bure, from the Church at Burgh next Aylsham, though Oxnead, to Buxton,,,

The navigable part of the River Bure ends at Coltishall, but you can follow it. on foot or by canoe, for many miles, through some wonderful Norfolk countryside. On a previous walk we had followed the river from Hautbois to Coltishall. This morning we drive further up river to the Church of St Mary at Burgh next Aylsham. From there we walk past the Church, over the foot-bridge and along the River Bure, through Oxnead, and on to Buxton.  This really is a wonderful walk and it’s a real pleasure to be here on such a beautiful morning…

A Swan on the River Bure…

Moments to treasure…


Getting a little poetic…

Oh sun, rising over mist and meadow
How I wish you would linger on
Until my heart was full with this new day’s promise
To see my doubts and demons gone.

Oh morning sun, bring warmth and life to land and sky
That were, just now, so cold and dark.
Infuse the world, for just awhile, with magic,
To touch this tired and humble heart.

The Lock at Burgh next Alysham

The Lock at Burgh next Alysham

The River Bure near Oxnead Bridge

Sun rises on a wintry morning on the River Bure

Along the River Bure at Oxnead

The path continues along the River Bure, past Oxnead Bridge

Along the footpath at Oxnead

The sun rises through the trees at Oxnead…

Lamas Church on the River Bure

An early morning view across the River Bure to Lamas Church

Lamas Church on the River Bure

Lamas Church overlooks the River Bure on a frosty morning

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