Nature and Me…

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  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning. I have a very humble wordpress site myself put up under free subscription to test interest in this wonderful place we call home, but your site far exceeds anything that I could hope create. I also have a site dedicated to my art which is predominately offers scenes of Norfolk landscapes so I appreciate the art behind your beautiful images and videos, I have added a link to your site in a recent post because my love of the area demands that I make others of similar nature aware of this. Very, very well done, I congratulate you on a fantastic site.

    • Nigel, thank you so much for your such lovely feedback. It really means a lot. I’ve had a look at your site and it looks wonderful. I’ll definitely visit again to read more and I love your art, which just encapsulates Norfolk so well! I keep meaning to set up a links section on my site and when I do I will include your site.

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