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It’s been over a year since I bought my first pair of Fjallraven Barents Pro Trousers. For this review I took these great trousers to our Waterland mooring and up the River Ant in our dinghy for a walk around Dilham.  If you are interested in what I look for when reviewing outdoor clothes and gear, please read my introduction here.


Specs and Stuff…

Grey Barents Pro with Black reinforcements around the bum and knees

The trousers come in a ‘raw hem’ which means they have lots of extra length on the leg which you will need to get taken up so they fit just right.  This was something of a chore when the trousers arrived, as I had to take them to a tailor to stitch the hems up to the correct length for me (and to let the waist out a little as they were a bit tight).  However, it’s a great idea because I was able to get the length just how I like it.

Fjallraven class these as ‘trekking trousers’ so there are no back pockets but, apart from the two hand pockets, there are two cargo pockets, plus a knife pocket on the left leg and another a cargo pocket (with an inner pocket for phone or GPS) on the right leg .  The cargo pockets are gusseted so they will expand to accommodate what you put in them while remaining very comfortable, even when full.  These are genuinely useful pockets that do not restrict movement, no matter how much you fill them.

The other thing that sets these, and other clothes from Fjallraven apart, is the ability for them to be waxed.  You can order wax in a soap size bar, and then rub it into the trousers.  Then heat up the wax with a flame or, for the less adventurous, a hair-dryer, to melt it into the fabric, which increases its wind and water resistance.

The material is also worth a mention.  Fjallraven make these trousers with G1000.  It is their own fabric which they use in much of their clothing.  The tightly woven material, which is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, is extremely durable and also more wind and water resistant than a lot of other fabrics.  It is not however, as I have seen claimed in some reviews, water proof.  Even though waxing will improve the water resistance, any serious rain is going to get though in the end.  All the same, for a pair of trousers, they offer a lot more protection than most.  If the G1000 material wasn’t already strong enough, there is a double layer of it in key places, such as around the bum and on the knees and lower leg.  This ensures that kneeling, sitting, or wading through overgrown paths is not a problem for these remarkable trousers.  For me this is a wonderful feature as I am often sitting, kneeling to get photos or video.

In Use…

Articulated knees on the Barents Pro for easy movement

Fjallraven Barents Pro – great trousers for messing about on the river…

Playing ‘stick’ with Monty and Mabel

Despite being very strong trousers, the Barents Pro are very comfortable to wear.  When bought they come pre-waxed and, in this condition, are a little heavy for the hottest summer days.  In general use I prefer them non waxed and it will take 4 or 5 washes before most of the wax comes out.  Unwaxed they have a much lighter, canvassy feel and are more suitable for wearing throughout the summer months.  In the colder weather, I have waxed mine along the bottom, knees and lower legs to help keep water and dirt out, should I sit or kneel, or hack through long, wet grass.  I keep the legs unwaxed to help them breath and this works very well for me.

Along the River Ant to Dilham in the Dark Olive Fjallraven Barents Pro

Barents Pro are comfortable and allow a good range of movement

Walking in Dilham on the Norfolk Broads

A nice lunch at the Cross Keys Inn at Dilham

Tonnage Bridge on the Dilham and North Walsham Canal

Best trousers ever? Fjallraven Barents Pro at Tonnage Bridge in Dilham

So, they will keep you pretty warm and dry for non-waterproof trousers, they are extremely durable and tough, and they are also very comfortable and allow you full range of movement when walking or climbing over obstacles.  They can be worn all year, especially if you are willing to use the wax, which is very easy to do and strangely fulfilling.  An additional bonus is I do not find they need ironing.  They do look quite creased when I put them on, but within minutes have straightened themselves out and look absolutely fine.  They also dry quickly from wet, which means you can turn them around fast to wear them again.

Great trousers for photography with reinforced knee and bum areas for sitting and kneeling to take photos or video


The Fjallraven Barents Pro really are excellent trousers. Once you get the raw hem taken up, you will be a proud owner of some of the finest trousers available.  They may not be made of super lightweight, hi-tech material, but, if you want some brilliantly designed, good looking, comfortable, tough trousers to live outdoors in, I don’t think you can get better.  They are a little expensive but if I could only buy one pair of trousers it would definitely be the Barents Pro.

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