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Halvergate Marshes… On the Weaver’s Way…

Sunrise… ‘Is that jacket going to keep you warm enough?’ Mrs Waterland asks as I get out of the car.  ‘Once we get walking, I’ll be alright’ I reply with a shiver.  Glancing East, I point towards Mutton’s Mill…  ‘look, the sun is coming up already…’ Early morning is by far my favourite time of day.  Especially early mornings like this, when the air is crisp and the sky is full of colour.  There’s a gentle breeze that means there’s […]

A Walk in the Winter Woods…

Over the last few days I’ve been listening to an audio-book called ‘The Hidden Life of Trees‘ by Peter Wohlleben. If you read or listen to this book, two things are likely to happen; 1/ It will change the way you think about trees, and 2/ You will want to go the woods. Well, that’s what happened to me anyway… So here we are… …on a cold and overcast February afternoon, atop a hill on the edge of Bacton Woods. Through […]

Upton Marshes… Wildlife Walks on the Norfolk Broads

After the walk… I cannot resist a final glance across the marshes before clambering back aboard Grey Goose III. The sun has set behind us and there is now a hint of mist rising from the watery lowlands.  Owned by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Upton Marshes are managed with the aim of attracting and providing a home for all sorts of wildlife and it is working. Rarely have I seen such an abundance of life on any walk. A public footpath follows the […]