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The stars shone bright in a moonless sky.  High to the South, just about visible to naked eye, you can find our neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda.  Estimated to have around 1 trillion stars, our own galaxy, the Milky Way and Andromeda are hurtling towards each other and will one day collide.    

To the Stars!

The telescope… ‘Did you realise it was going to be that big?‘ Mrs Waterland asks as she walks in the living room. ‘No, I didn’t‘ I reply as I extend the last of the three tripod legs.  ‘And I haven’t put the telescope on yet!’ I add. I’ve always been interested in astronomy and buying the DSLR tracking mount last year really fired up my interest.  No more indecision, I decided, as I press the ‘buy now’ button on a […]

Butterflies, Bees and Goat Willow Trees…

Welcome to Waterland base camp.  This is where we moor Grey Goose III and, in the finest naval tradition, we will be spending the day bringing provisions and supplies aboard so she will be ready to embark on many voyages on the Norfolk Broads this year.  On arrival we are greeted by a friendly Robin, who’s song is full of the promise of Spring.  Under blue skies and a warm sun we are encouraged to get everything loaded as soon as […]

Under the Stars and Dreaming

1981, Cheam, Surrey… “Dad”  I whisper… “Dad!!” I repeat more urgently after a few seconds of silence… “Yes, what?” ‘Tracy next door is staring at us through their bathroom window!‘  I explain, stifling a giggle. “I know” he quietly replies – and I catch a glint in his eyes as he looks towards me and adds  ‘pretend you didn’t notice, she’s just trying to work out what we’re doing…‘ I turn away from the figure of our neighbour’s daughter, standing on […]