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The Lullaby of Upton Marshes

A Spring, a Summer, a seemingly endless day on Upton marshes… Find me here in the early morning mist, or in the last rays of sunlight as they fade to reveal starry night skies. This is life on the river, and a boatman I will ever be…

A Beautiful Ballet…

There are many areas in the UK that are amazing environments for wildlife. Some I have visited and lots more I’d love to visit. If only there were enough years in a lifetime!  However, my first love and, somehow, my ‘home’ even when I didn’t live here, has always been the Norfolk Broads.  When I had the opportunity to move away from the London suburbs to the countryside, Norfolk was an easy first choice. And so here I find myself, […]

Upton Marshes… Wildlife Walks on the Norfolk Broads

After the walk… I cannot resist a final glance across the marshes before clambering back aboard Grey Goose III. The sun has set behind us and there is now a hint of mist rising from the watery lowlands.  Owned by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Upton Marshes are managed with the aim of attracting and providing a home for all sorts of wildlife and it is working. Rarely have I seen such an abundance of life on any walk. A public footpath follows the […]