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A Love Letter to the Night…

After all the activity of a long summer day on the river, a calm has come. As the sun sets, the wind, which had filled the sails of boats, is now a gentle sigh and the river has become softly rippling mirror, reflecting the world through which it flows.   I feel immensely lucky to be able to remain here, watching and listening as darkness slowly envelopes the world. Hours pass almost as minutes as the landscape around me becomes […]

The Grandest View I Dreamed to See…

8th May 1974 Hey, you caught me time travelling.  Mind you, some people would call it reminiscing, but it seems to me that a memory is a moment in time kept, that you can revisit whenever you wish.  And, sometimes, when you go back into a memory, you remember other things that you had forgotten and the only way to get to the new memory, is from the old memory.  That sounds like time travel to me! I am six […]

A Gentle Dark Comes…

Now and again something quite special happens on the Norfolk Broads in the late evening…  The time, after the sun has set, but before it is completely dark, is sometimes referred to as gloaming and is perhaps not when most people would think of getting out into the great outdoors, but we should because it’s a wonderful time to be alive in nature… Looking over the barley field, I watch as the sun falls behind nearby trees and realise it’s too late to get […]

Norfolk Broads Video… Landscapes and Wildlife

I hope you enjoy this Norfolk Broads Video… The Norfolk Broads are a unique waterland with over 100 miles of rivers and lakes in Norfolk and Suffolk, meandering through wonderful countryside, full of wildlife and steeped in history. The vast, open landscapes of the Broads are dominated by big skies and succumb to the whims of the weather and changing seasons to become, at times, both beautiful and desolate, charming and bleak, picturesque and wild, mystical and inspiring. Because the rivers […]