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Walking to South Walsham

We embark on a short walk from the banks of the River Bure, to South Walsham Broad. On the way we explore a little history about this wonderful, scenic area…

A Beautiful Ballet…

There are many areas in the UK that are amazing environments for wildlife. Some I have visited and lots more I’d love to visit. If only there were enough years in a lifetime!  However, my first love and, somehow, my ‘home’ even when I didn’t live here, has always been the Norfolk Broads.  When I had the opportunity to move away from the London suburbs to the countryside, Norfolk was an easy first choice. And so here I find myself, […]

Winter Waterland… The River Bure at Oxnead

Early in the morning… Eyes blinking, I twist open the blinds and wait for my pupils to adjust as light streams into the darkened room. Peering through the slats, my brain, still trying to jump-start itself awake, begins to process the visual cues as they come into focus… Our garden sparkles with frost, and beyond, a pale sun is rising through a low level mist into a deep blue sky. I hastily get dressed.  ‘Do you want to come?‘ I ask […]

The Bounty of the River…

Welcome aboard the Waterland wildlife tour boat.  We are making our way along the River Ant, near Wayford Bridge, through the now familiar countryside of grazing marshland and reeds.  Friendly moos are exchanged with a small herd of Highland Cows we have come to know as we continue on a southerly course. Soon the welcome sight of Hunsett Mill greets us and we follow the twists and turns of the now tree-lined river, through Sutton Fen and, before long, pass ‘The […]