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Upton Marshes… Wildlife Walks on the Norfolk Broads

After the walk… I cannot resist a final glance across the marshes before clambering back aboard Grey Goose III. The sun has set behind us and there is now a hint of mist rising from the watery lowlands.  Owned by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Upton Marshes are managed with the aim of attracting and providing a home for all sorts of wildlife and it is working. Rarely have I seen such an abundance of life on any walk. A public footpath follows the […]

The Bounty of the River…

Welcome aboard the Waterland wildlife tour boat.  We are making our way along the River Ant, near Wayford Bridge, through the now familiar countryside of grazing marshland and reeds.  Friendly moos are exchanged with a small herd of Highland Cows we have come to know as we continue on a southerly course. Soon the welcome sight of Hunsett Mill greets us and we follow the twists and turns of the now tree-lined river, through Sutton Fen and, before long, pass ‘The […]

Norfolk Broads Video… Landscapes and Wildlife

I hope you enjoy this Norfolk Broads Video… The Norfolk Broads are a unique waterland with over 100 miles of rivers and lakes in Norfolk and Suffolk, meandering through wonderful countryside, full of wildlife and steeped in history. The vast, open landscapes of the Broads are dominated by big skies and succumb to the whims of the weather and changing seasons to become, at times, both beautiful and desolate, charming and bleak, picturesque and wild, mystical and inspiring. Because the rivers […]