Sand Martins Among the Wavetops at Barton Broad…

Sand Martins

It’s quite a display – fast and low – as if they  were weaving between the waves just for the thrill of it.  Sand Martins – and lots of them!

Insects beware

Almost touching the water…

As I watch, trying to follow them through the viewfinder of my camera, they seem to me like fighter pilots of the bird world.  You cannot fail to be awed by their aerial prowess as they hunt the insects that can be found close to the water. They are so agile, so fast!  Occasionally they slow and then, while almost hovering – splash!  Perhaps a quick drink before returning to their wave top dance?

Sand Martuin low over the water

Feathers on display

Sand Martins migrate to Britain, having spent the Winter months in Africa.  They usually arrive the the UK in March and are a sure sign the warmer weather is on the way…  How very true on this occasion – the weather was wonderful and it truly feels like Spring has arrived.  Welcome back to Norfolk, you wonderful birds…

Anyone recognise this technology?

Fighter pilots of the bird world

Dance of the Sand Martins at Barton Broad

Dance of the Sand Martins – using wings and tail to aero brake!

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2 Responses

  1. Dear John, David says they are Sand Martins not Swallow. But lovely photos and great writing, Best wishes Gordon.

  2. Hello Gordon and David – thank you for commenting and for letting me know they are actually sand martins and not swallows. I’ll update this to show the correct name.

    For anyone reading this afterwards, I had mistakenly identified these birds as swallows.

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