The Waterland

A Wildflower Walk…

  One of the reasons I wanted to write this blog was to encourage myself to take the time to learn about the life and landscapes around me on the Norfolk Broads.  So, over the Bank Holiday weekend we took to the river and sailed to How Hill.  Once there we headed out on the footpaths and country lanes that criss cross the landscape between Ludham and Sharp Street.  I wanted to photograph the different types of wildflower that we […]

Norfolk Broads Video… Landscapes and Wildlife

I hope you enjoy this Norfolk Broads Video… The Norfolk Broads are a unique waterland with over 100 miles of rivers and lakes in Norfolk and Suffolk, meandering through wonderful countryside, full of wildlife and steeped in history. The vast, open landscapes of the Broads are dominated by big skies and succumb to the whims of the weather and changing seasons to become, at times, both beautiful and desolate, charming and bleak, picturesque and wild, mystical and inspiring. Because the rivers […]

Grey Goose III

The Finding of Goose Cove…

Friday 13th May… We’re running late.  The plan was to leave Waterland base camp long before sunset and find a wild mooring on the River Ant but, by as we get underway, the light was already fading and the low overcast clouds made it feel darker still. Our dogs, Monty (the Jack Russell) and Mabel (the Cocker Spaniel) wonder what’s going on as we head out into the fading light… It’s well past 9pm as we make a dash across Barton […]

Sand Martins

Sand Martins Among the Wavetops at Barton Broad…

It’s quite a display – fast and low – as if they  were weaving between the waves just for the thrill of it.  Sand Martins – and lots of them! As I watch, trying to follow them through the viewfinder of my camera, they seem to me like fighter pilots of the bird world.  You cannot fail to be awed by their aerial prowess as they hunt the insects that can be found close to the water. They are so agile, […]

Marsh Harrier at Barton Turf

Marsh Harriers and the Art of Flight…

Low in the sky to my left I spot him, a Marsh Harrier wheeling over the banks of the River Ant and then along the reeds on the Eastern edge of the ‘Heater’, an island that divides the approach to the Broadland village of Barton Turf. He is searching for prey.  Somewhere, perhaps on the island, where no one can disturb them, a nest with hungry young will be eagerly awaiting their next feed. However, they would not be fed by the male.  Instead […]