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A Walk in the Winter Woods…

Over the last few days I’ve been listening to an audio-book called ‘The Hidden Life of Trees‘ by Peter Wohlleben. If you read or listen to this book, two things are likely to happen; 1/ It will change the way you think about trees, and 2/ You will want to go the woods. Well, that’s what happened to me anyway… So here we are… …on a cold and overcast February afternoon, atop a hill on the edge of Bacton Woods. Through […]

Upton Marshes… Wildlife Walks on the Norfolk Broads

After the walk… I cannot resist a final glance across the marshes before clambering back aboard Grey Goose III. The sun has set behind us and there is now a hint of mist rising from the watery lowlands.  Owned by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Upton Marshes are managed with the aim of attracting and providing a home for all sorts of wildlife and it is working. Rarely have I seen such an abundance of life on any walk. A public footpath follows the […]