About the Norfolk Broads…

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Evening on the River Ant

The Norfolk Broads are a unique wetland with over 100 miles of rivers and lakes in Norfolk and Suffolk, meandering through wonderful countryside, full of wildlife and steeped in history. The vast, open landscapes of the Broads are dominated by big skies and succumb to the whims of the weather and changing seasons to become, at times, both beautiful and desolate, charming and bleak, picturesque and wild, mystical and inspiring.


Because the rivers are generally navigable, it is a popular location for boat owners and holiday-makers who love to be out on the water. In the Spring and Summer months, seemingly endless, carefree days can be enjoyed on the river. Yet the Broads are often at their most magical at other times of the year. With so few people around in the Autumn and Winter, it is easy to lose yourself in a mystical landscape that, at times, can feel like yours alone.

Winter on the Marshes

The Norfolk Broads are an enchanting mix of woodland, meadow, marshland, water and sky. This website is all about exploring the Norfolk Broads – a great place to escape the rat race and lose yourself in wonderful wildlife and scenery…

I have made a promise to try to learn about the environment, about the wildlife and flora and fauna around me, because I think it will increase my enjoyment or being out in nature.  I would like to thank my nephew, David Campbell, who has helped me learn more about many of the birds I’ve photographed for this website.

I welcome all feedback and would love to hear your comments.